New Delaware Law Prohibits Pay History Inquiries

Joining Massachusetts, Oregon, New York City and Philadelphia in an attempt to address the gender pay gap, Delaware has passed a law prohibiting employers from asking applicants about their compensation history. Under the new law, which takes effect in December 2017, employers may not seek the applicant’s compensation history from […]

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DOL To Revive Opinion Letters

The Department of Labor announced that it will once again begin issuing opinion letters, a practice that had been discontinued in 2010 Opinion letters respond to a specific wage-hour inquiry from an employer or other entity to the DOL, and represents the DOL’s official position on that particular issue. Other […]

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Important New Agency Documents for Employers

Federal agencies have released several documents of significant interest to employers: a revised mandatory I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form, a new version of the mandatory USERRA poster, an electronic OSHA form for the upcoming requirement to report electronically workplace injuries and illnesses, and a revised online OSHA whistleblower complaint form. […]

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