We represent both union-free and unionized companies in traditional labor law matters under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Since our founding, we have handled thousands of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) elections on behalf of our union-free clients who have prevailed against efforts to unionize their workforces. For our unionized clients, we handle collective bargaining, provide advice on the administration of labor contracts, and act as management’s advocates in arbitration and court proceedings.

Collective Bargaining /Labor Contract Negotiations

For unionized employers, we handle collective bargaining. We act as chief negotiators for companies in collective bargaining sessions, develop contract proposals, and respond to union contract demands and information requests.  We frequently develop negotiating strategies for our clients and provide advice on legal issues. Return to top

Contract Administration and Unfair Labor Practice Defense

We advise employers on all aspects of contract administration, including grievances and arbitration, and defend employers against unfair labor practice charges before the National Labor Relations Board. Return to top

Grievances and Labor Arbitration

We represent management in the union grievance process, through arbitration and any subsequent federal court litigation. We offer practical advice on strategies in handling grievances drawn from our many years of experience. Return to top

NLRB Elections

When a non-union employer receives an NLRB election petition, it will likely have an election in a matter of weeks. Based on our seventy years of experience in such elections, we know what employers need to do to prevail. After all, our clients have prevailed in thousands of NLRB elections. We coordinate the employer’s response to the filing of an election petition or demand for recognition. After that, we litigate critical issues before the NLRB, such as the parameters of the voting unit, while, at the same time, provide critical training to company supervisors regarding union election matters. We handle election day proceedings and provide advice and counsel on all post-election procedures, including objections and unfair labor practice charges. Return to top

Plant Closings and Reduction in Force of Unionized Facilities

Closing a unionized facility, laying off union employees, or moving union operations elsewhere entails a significant risk for litigation. We provide strategic advice and counsel on the NLRB’s rules concerning these employment decisions and defend employers in any resulting NLRB litigation. Return to top

Protected Concerted Activity Charges and Social Media Litigation

As labor union membership has declined, the NLRB has shifted its focus to pursuing unfair labor practice charges related to employee discipline for “protected concerted activity” and employee postings on social media. These charges are brought under a section of the NLRA that applies to both non-union and union employers. We have developed a strong focus in this emerging area and represent employers faced with “protected concerted activity” unfair labor practice charges and charges related to employee postings on social media. We also provide advice and counsel on best practices to avoid such charges. Return to top

Strikes and Picketing

We assist employers with legal and practical problems associated with employee picketing and strikes. This includes developing contingency plans and strike manuals for operations during a strike, advising on the use of temporary and permanent replacement workers, obtaining injunctions or temporary restraining orders, and filing for and/or defending against unfair labor practice charges. Return to top

Union Avoidance

We help union-free employers stay that way. We provide strategic counsel on how labor unions can exploit weaknesses in your company and workforce and how you can effectively remedy these problems before the union files an election petition. Return to top