Chambers’ “US Regional Employment” Guide for 2020

Chambers’ “US Regional Employment” Guide for 2020 features 14 states. The Guide provides expert legal commentary on the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, the “Black Lives Matter” and “Me Too” movements, unions, the National Labor Relations Board, the interviewing process, restrictive covenants, discrimination and harassment, and whistle-blower claims.  The Maryland chapter is authored and updated annually by Shawe Rosenthal LLP. You may access the Guide on the Chambers website, and a pdf of our chapter is available here.

Employment: North America 2020

Lexology’s “Employment: North America 2020” provides a state snapshot, the employment relationship, hiring, wage and hour, discrimination, harassment and family leave, privacy in the workplace, trade secrets and restrictive covenants, labor relations and discipline and termination. The Maryland Chapter is authored and updated annually by Shawe Rosenthal LLP. You may access the Guide on the Lexology website, and a pdf of our chapter is available here.

Chambers’ “Employment” Guide for 2020

Chambers’ “Employment” Guide for 2020 covers 49 international jurisdictions, including the U.S. This edition discusses the legislative action taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic, non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, data privacy, foreign workers, unions, termination of employment, wrongful dismissal claims, anti-discrimination issues and dispute resolution.  The U.S. Trends and Developments chapter is authored and updated annually by Shawe Rosenthal LLP. You may access the Guide on the Chambers website, and a pdf of our chapter is available here.

Employment Law Deskbook

Written by Shawe Rosenthal and published by Matthew Bender Publishers. This handy deskbook will make employment law accessible to the human resources professional.

  • Covers every stage of the employer/employee relationship, from the initial employment application through termination
  • Written in a clear, straightforward manner offering solid guidance for complying with the law and for recognizing those practices that may give rise to legal action
  • Discusses the entire range of important issues confronting employers: drug and alcohol testing, sexual harassment claims, employee benefits
  • Incorporates practical material throughout including checklists, charts, tables and sample forms
  • Provides a state-by-state summary of key employment-related statutes

Volume 10, Labor and Employment Law

Labor and Employment Law published by Matthew Bender Publishers, is the definitive and complete guide to Labor and Employment law – it is the only work of its kind, providing comprehensive coverage, both federal and state, from A to Z, in one 11-volume set. It includes quality analysis on all aspects of labor and employment law, from well-known topics such as union elections and sexual harassment, to lesser understood subjects like employment arbitration, wage and hour law, and employee privacy.

Written by authorities in the field of Labor and Employment, Labor and Employment Law is an indispensable practice guide for anyone needing concise and authoritative analysis in one easy-to-navigate publication. Shawe Rosenthal is the author for Volume 10.

Subjects covered include:
• Volumes 1 & 2: Labor Law
• Volumes 3 & 4: Employment Discrimination
• Volume 5: Americans with Disabilities Act
• Volume 6: Pensions and Benefits
• Volume 7: Family and Medical Leave; Wages and Hours
• Volume 8: Occupational Safety and Health
• Volume 9: Labor and Employment Arbitration
• Volume 10: Employment At-Will, Privacy, Employment Contracts, and other issues

Every subscription to Labor and Employment Law includes a complimentary subscription to Bender’s Labor and Employment Bulletin. The Bulletin is a monthly newsletter covering the full spectrum of information important to Labor and Employment practitioners. Each issue of the Bulletin contains incisive articles written by leading Employment and Labor Law authorities, as well as analysis of recent developments in the law, such as new case law, legislation and regulations.

Maryland Human Resources Manual  

A publication of the American Chamber of Commerce Resources and the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. This comprehensive human resources manual explains, in plain English, the duties of the employer during the entire employment process – everything from pre-hire through post-termination. It also contains hundreds of forms and policies. Purchase of this manual includes one year of online publication access that allows you to search for answers electronically. Authored and updated annually by Shawe Rosenthal LLP.