Federal Contractor Update – New Self-ID of Disability Form, Ombuds Service, VEVRAA Focused Review Guidance, Webpage on Past Drug Use, Indian and Native American Employment Rights Program


There have been a slew of developments at the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs this past month, including the following:

  • An updated Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability form. This mandatory form – the content of which cannot be altered – is used for applicants at both the pre-offer and post-offer stages, and to survey the workforce every 5 years. Contractors must begin using the new form by August 4, 2020. The OFCCP also has Frequently Asked Questions about the form.
  • A webpage on the newly established Ombuds service, which serves as a neutral and confidential resource to assist contractors and other stakeholders with their rights and obligations under federal affirmative action laws, executive orders and regulations. Among other things, the webpage provides contact information and a biography for the ombudsman, Marcus Stergio, and frequently asked questions. The ombudsman offers the following:
    • Informal, one-on-one conversations by phone;
    • A series of more in-depth, strategizing and/or conflict coaching sessions;
    • Facilitation between OFCCP and stakeholders;
    • Mediation to resolve an ongoing dispute between OFCCP and stakeholders;
    • Design and delivery of conflict resolution trainings and workshops;
    • Implementation of other dispute resolution systems, as necessary; and
    • Referral to other resources within or outside of DOL, when applicable
  • A new webpage on the upcoming VEVRAA focused reviews (following the implementation of Section 503 focused reviews last year), which examine a contractor’s compliance with affirmative action and non-discrimination obligations for protected veterans. The OFCCP provides Frequently Asked Questions and recommended Best Practices and Resources for contractors related to these reviews.
  • A new webpage providing information and resources for federal contractors and workers related to their obligations and rights on past drug misuse.
  • A new landing page for the Indian and Native American Employment Rights Program, which is intended to foster outreach and inclusion of Native Americans by federal contractors in the workplace. The webpage includes Indian Preference Frequently Asked Questions and Best Practices.