Biden Administration Announces Pro-Union Initiative


On January 21, 2022, the U.S. Secretary of Labor announced the “Good Jobs” initiative, ostensibly intended to improve job quality. The pro-union nature of this initiative, however, is clear from the press release, in which the DOL asserts that it will “create access to good union jobs – free from discrimination and harassment – for all workers and job seekers.”

According to the press release, the Good Jobs initiative focuses on empowering working people by:

  • Providing workers with easily accessible information about their rights, including the right to bargain collectively and form a union.
  • Engaging employer stakeholders as partners to improve job quality and workforce pathways to good jobs.
  • Supporting partnerships across federal agencies, and providing technical assistance on grants, contracts and other investments intended to improve job quality.

As a practical matter, however, this is simply another action evidencing the administration’s clear pro-union bias. Employers can expect the DOL and NLRB to aggressively pursue union interests in any interactions.