Chad M. Horton




Chad M. Horton

Phone: 410-843-3480
Fax: 410-752-8861

Chad represents both unionized and union-free clients in a full range of labor and employee relations matters, including in court and in administrative proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Department of Labor.

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Before joining Shawe Rosenthal, Chad served as a Field Attorney with the National Labor Relations Board where he investigated unfair labor practice charges, conducted secret-ballot elections, participated in representation hearings, and litigated numerous unfair labor practice charges.

Practice Areas

  • Labor-Management Relations
  • Grievances and Labor Arbitration
  • NLRB Elections
  • Union Avoidance
  • Employment Discrimination


  • American Bar Association
    • Member, Section of Labor and Employment Law
  • New York State Bar Association


  • Tulane University Law School, J.D., 2008
  • Ithaca College, B.S., magna cum laude, 2004

Bar Admissions

  • Maryland
  • New York


December 2022 E-Update

NLRB Reaffirms Safeguards for Questioning Employees in Preparation for NLRB Proceedings

November 2022 E-Update

NLRB General Counsel Targets Employers’ Use of Electronic Monitoring and Algorithmic Management Technologies

NLRB Issues Proposed Rule Nixing Trump-Era Rule, Reinstating Protections for Union’s Representation Status

In Precedent-Shifting Decision, NLRB Says Dues Checkoff Survives CBA Expiration

September 2022 E-Update

Employer Unlawfully Implemented Punch-in Policy, Says NLRB

NLRB Proposes Return to a More Expansive Joint Employer Standard

NLRB General Counsel Seeks to Do Away with “Captive Audience” Meetings

December 2021 E-Update

November 2021 E-Update

September 2021 E-Update

NLRB General Counsel Directs Regions to Pursue Full Remedies Against Employers

New NLRB GC Intends to Seek Case Law Reversals That Will Benefit Unions

D.C. Circuit Opens Door to Biden Board to Expand Property Access for Off-Duty Contractor Employees

August 2021 E-Update

The Eleventh Circuit Provides Guidance to Successor Employers on Workforce Transitions Under the NLRA

New NLRB General Counsel Signals Major Changes Ahead

July 2021 E-Update

Rats! NLRB says Unions May Use Scabby the Rat to Target Neutral Employers

Employers May Not Disparately Enforce E-mail Policies to Prohibit Union Activity

June 2021 E-Update

NLRB Says Solicitation of Mail Ballots is Objectionable Conduct, Could Negate Election Results

Supervisor’s Statement Blaming Union for Leave Snafu Not Unlawful, says D.C. Circuit

NLRB Finds No-Recording Policy Remains Lawful Even Where Unlawfully Applied to Restrict Protected Activity

NLRB Looks to Circumstances to Determine Duration of Confidentiality Requirement in Investigation

NLRB Acting GC Signals Intent to Take Expansive View of Protected Concerted Activity

NLRB Unexpectedly Decides to Retrain Contract Bar Rule

Customer Engagement Alone Does Not Justify Banning Union Insignia on Uniform, says NLRB

NLRB Finds Distribution of Employee Handbook to Unionized Employees Lawful, But Troubling Signs for Employers in Dissent

NLRB Finds Social Media Rules Lawful – For Now

Under the Biden Administration, Turbulence Awaits Employers at the NLRB

NLRB Finds Employee Civility, No-Recording, and Confidential Information Rules to Be Lawful

NLRB Releases Advice Memo Regarding Civility Rules, As Well As Governmental Inquiries

NLRB General Counsel Details Employer Unfair Labor Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic

When Does a Neutrality Agreement Provide Unlawful Assistance to a Union? The NLRB GC Weighs In.

NLRB Issues Additional COVID-19 Advice Memos

NLRB Advice Memos Offer COVID-19 Guidance to Employers

Developments in the NLRB’s Revised Representation Election Rule – Where Is It Now?

Employers Have No Duty to Bargain Over Discipline with Union Prior to First CBA

NLRB Addresses “Contract Coverage” Standard Following Expiration of CBA

NLRB Issues “Election Protection” Final Rule

Drivers Who Leased Trucks From Shipping Company Are Employees, Not Independent Contractors, Says NLRB

NLRB Rules Severance Agreement Provisions Are Lawful; Boeing Work Rule Framework Not Applicable

NLRB Offers Guidance on When Arbitration Agreements Interfere with Access to the Agency

NLRB Returns to Standard That Dues Checkoff Provision Expires With CBA

The NLRB Provides Two More Gifts - Employers May Restrict Nonbusiness Use of E-Mail, Require Confidentiality During Investigations

NLRB Delivers A “Holiday Gift” To Employers: New Union Election Timelines

NLRB Provides Clarity on Confidentiality and Media Contact Rules

NLRB Continues Expansion of Employer Private Property Rights

NLRB Grounds Proposed Micro-Unit at Boeing Plant

NLRB Expands Property Owners’ Rights to Deny Third Party Access

NLRB Issues Management-Friendly Proposed Rule to Revise Election Procedures

NLRB Expands Scope of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements

NLRB Adopts New Framework for Anticipatory Withdrawal of Union Recognition

NLRB Limits Union Access Rights

NLRB’s General Counsel Issues Memos on Union Obligations

More NLRB Advice Memos – Cooperation in Investigations, Workplace Policies, and Facebook Posts

NLRB Holds that Use of the Word “We” In a Group Setting Does Not Make Individual Gripes Concerted Activity