Update on Minimum Wage Increases in the Mid-Atlantic Region


Although the federal minimum wage remains $7.25, many states and local jurisdictions have enacted increases in the minimum wage. A number of those increases are scheduled to take place on July 1, 2019, including the following throughout the Mid-Atlantic region:

  • Montgomery County, Maryland: $13.00 per hour (from $12.25) for employers with more than 50 employees and $12.50 per hour (from ($12.00) for employers with 50 or fewer employees. The law also sets a tipped wage for tipped employees that, together with any tip credit, meets the minimum wage. Employers are responsible for making up any shortfall. The tipped wage remains at $4.00 per hour. Montgomery County employers must also post the newly updated Minimum Wage and Overtime Law – Montgomery County notice.
  • District of Columbia: $14.00 per hour (from $13.25). The tipped wage will increase to $4.45 per hour (from $3.89). The required minimum wage poster has not changed.
  • New Jersey: $10.00 per hour. Agricultural, seasonal, and small (fewer than 6 employees) employers continue to be subject to the old rate of $8.85 per hour. The tipped wage rate will increase to $2.63 (from $2.10). There is also a newly updated minimum wage poster that should be displayed in the workplace.